I'll be honest, I bought this domain so that I can have an "@barizo.com" email address.

Where Am I? ... It's Beautiful ...

While I'm happy for your awe-struck wonder, you are only at a placeholder page for the "barizo.com" domain name. The site it's on is really my personal business. Check out the above links for kicks!

Get an "@barizo.com" Email Address

If you want to get an "@barizo.com" email address, please send me a message and tell me what you want your screen name to be. Note that only Barizo relatives are eligible for these addresses.

The email address can forward all messages to an exisiting email account or can also be a 100MB bona fide email account. You have an option of accessing the email through clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird with a POP3/IMAP protocol. Alternatively, you can also access the email through a web-based interface similar to a VERY basic Yahoo/Hotmail interface.

Change this Page!

Contact me if you are interested in adding content to this page. I might give you FTP access. Note that anything you put on the main site becomes property of mwah!


Contact me if you are interested in a "barizo.com" subdomain. You'll get 100MB and very limited access with no guarantees. (Sorry! I don't have time to manage hosting accounts!)


Contact me if you want to add a link.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about anything in this website you may contact me. Also try the Barizo Yahoo Group (in the Links section) for more responses and updated information.

-Allan Ray Barizo
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